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Sailing French Polynesia

November 18 - 25, 2023

Starting at $6,598/person

Sail with Us

We have partnered with our friends at Art in Voyage (AIV) for a journey on the calm turquoise waters of French Polynesia. Climb aboard our luxurious catamarans and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday among friends. On this island-hopping adventure, encounter welcoming island communities, dramatic volcanic scenery, and incredible oceanic wildlife along the way. Dive the reef circuit surrounding Raiatea and neighboring Taha’a and come face to face with Polynesia’s remarkable marine life. Indulge in rejuvenating massages, embark on mountain adventures in Huanine, and treat yourself to a collection of sought-after black pearls, hand-crafted rum, or Tahitian vanilla.

Limited to 14 Guests and Guests 18+ years of age only

All trip details, bookings, and payments for this travel experience will be managed through AIV, their providers, and suppliers. the Chronic Explorers have partnered with AIV as travel hosts who will accompany guests during their travel experience in French Polynesia.

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