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Meet the Chronic Explorers

Dexter + Doran

We are naturally curious individuals who have a love affair for travel. Some might even say we have a chronic compulsion to travel the world. Exploring the globe for cultural immersion and authentic experiences is an intrinsic part of our identity. We crave the feeling of experiencing the unexplored, knowing that a new story, face, or flavor is around every corner. We have been blessed to travel to over 50 countries and all seven continents, but the more we see, the more we crave!

"Curating extraordinary travel experiences and memories that inspire for a lifetime. That's what motivates us."

—the Chronic Explorers


Tailored Wanderlust

Working in close collaboration with local partners and individuals in our destinations, we handcraft our journeys to authentically connect travelers to the real people and experiences that make each destination so special.


We design our trips so you can experience the world differently and without the stress of the 'what ifs'. You'll get personal service and attention to detail, while enjoying iconic experiences you've always dreamed of.


If you're a curious traveler who seeks wonder-filled experiences across the globe, then we invite you to stop endlessly searching for vacations and join us for a unique and authentic journey.

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