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Galapagos: An Extraordinary Exploration

April 30 - May 6, 2025

Starting at $7,415/person

 1 Cabin Remaining! 

Are You Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime?

Embark on an extraordinary exploration in the Galapagos Islands. This curated journey invites you to immerse yourself in the pristine natural beauty of the archipelago, where you'll encounter extraordinary wildlife and witness breathtaking landscapes. Dive into crystal-clear waters, hike volcanic terrains, and sail between unique islands, all while experiencing exclusive luxury aboard our vessel. Join us on this adventure of a lifetime and discover the Galapagos like never before.

Limited to 14 Guests and Guests 18+ years of age only


Image by Anton Lukin
Image by Dustin Haney

The adventure begins

Day 1: Wednesday, April 30

  • Arrive in Quito, Ecuador

  • Private transfer from airport to your hotel accommodations in Quito

What's included: airport transfer, accommodations

Black Turtle Cove

Day 2: Thursday, May 1

  • Breakfast at your accommodations

  • Transfer to the airport where you'll depart on your domestic flight to Baltra in the Galapagos Islands

  • Lunch onboard

  • Your exciting journey in the footsteps of Darwin is about to start! Glide through serene channels and mangroves on a dinghy, where green sea turtles thrive. No landing needed; the cove's diverse marine life, including reef sharks, rays, and colorful birds feeding on anchovies, comes alive before your eyes. A vital breeding and nursery site for turtles and sharks, this peaceful haven offers intimate wildlife encounters. Highlights: Spot reef sharks, sea turtles, rays, herons, blue-footed boobies, amidst the lush mangroves.

  • Dinner onboard

What's included: accommodations, breakfast, group transfer to vessel, onboard activities, lunch, dinner (alcohol at traveler's expense)


Rabida + Chinese Hat

Day 3: Friday, May 2

  • Breakfast onboard

  • AM: Rabida Island Visit: Witness the striking red sands of Rabida, where iron-rich lava rocks create a Martian landscape. Secluded beaches play host to sea lions, while inland, a lagoon awaits with ducks and flamingoes. Trails offer sights of diverse bird species, including Darwin finches and boobies. Underwater, snorkel amidst fish, sea lions, and reef sharks, with walls teeming with marine life. Highlights: Red beach, diverse birdlife, snorkeling with sea lions and reef sharks.

  • Lunch onboard

  • PM: Chinese Hat Exploration: Marvel at the symmetry of Chinese Hat's volcanic cone, nestled in a picturesque bay. Turquoise waters, coral beaches, and dark lava set the stage for Galapagos penguins and sea lions. Snorkel in this tropical paradise, with colorful fish and sleek sharks, and watch penguins chase anchovies with astonishing speed. Highlights: Sea lions, penguins, snorkeling in vibrant waters, unique volcanic landscapes.

  • Dinner onboard

What's included: accommodations, onboard activities, breakfast, lunch, dinner (alcohol at traveler's expense)

Seymour + Mosquera

Day 4: Saturday, May 3

  • Breakfast onboard

  • AM: Seymour Island Adventure: A haven for bird enthusiasts, Seymour is home to frigatebirds with their striking red pouches and blue-footed boobies mid-dance. Iguanas, both land and marine species, are seen alongside sea lions that play in the surf. Snorkel in these waters to discover a rich array of sea life. Highlights: Frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, sea lions, diverse marine snorkeling.

  • Lunch onboard

  • PM: Mosquera Islet Exploration: This sandbar is a playground for sea lion pups and a prime spot to watch lava gulls. Walk the beaches or snorkel by the northern tip to encounter the colorful underwater community. Highlights: Playful sea lions, lava gulls, and vibrant snorkeling experiences.

  • Dinner onboard

What's included: accommodations, onboard activities, breakfast, lunch, dinner (alcohol at traveler's expense)

Image by Heidi Bruce

Sullivan Bay + Bartolome 

Day 5: Sunday, May 4

  • Breakfast onboard

  • AM: Sullivan Bay Exploration: Traverse a lunar-like landscape at Sullivan Bay, walking on a Pahoehoe lava flow that captures the islands' volcanic soul. Spot pioneering plants and wildlife adapting to this rugged terrain. Swim or snorkel among penguins and marine life contrasting the barren land. Highlights: Pahoehoe lava formations, resilient wildlife, snorkeling with penguins and reef sharks.

  • Lunch onboard

  • PM: Bartolome Island Panorama: Ascend Bartolome for a breathtaking vista featuring Pinnacle Rock against a backdrop of striking volcanic features. The island's snorkeling sites are among the archipelago's finest, teeming with penguins, fish, sea lions, and more. Highlights: Iconic Pinnacle Rock, panoramic views, abundant snorkeling opportunities.

  • Dinner onboard

What's included: accommodations, onboard activities, breakfast, lunch, dinner (alcohol at traveler's expense)

El Barranco + Darwin Bay 

Day 6: Monday, May 5

  • Breakfast onboard

  • AM: El Barranco Excursion: El Barranco offers breathtaking views of lava cliffs teeming with birdlife. Wander the trails to discover red-footed and Nazca boobies, and watch for owls hunting petrels. Below, find fur seals and an array of seabirds in shady retreats. Snorkel by the cliffs for encounters with marine life. Highlights: Sea cliffs, diverse bird colonies, snorkeling with sharks and sea lions.

  • Lunch onboard

  • PM: Darwin Bay Exploration: Darwin Bay's beach is a wildlife haven where seabirds abound. Inland, find sea lions, iguanas, herons, and Darwin finches. Choose from various snorkeling spots to meet the bay's underwater residents, including fish, sharks, and rays. Highlights: Sea lions, bird watching, snorkeling in biodiverse waters.

  • Dinner onboard

What's included: accommodations, onboard activities, breakfast, lunch, dinner (alcohol at traveler's expense)

Image by Magdalena Kula Manchee

Interpretation Center + Departure

Day 7: Tuesday, May 6

  • Breakfast onboard

  • AM: Interpretation Center Visit: Begin your day at the Interpretation Center, a gateway to the Galapagos' human history. Engage with stories from early explorers to modern conservation efforts. Understand the settlers' struggles and Darwin's legacy.

  • Private transfer from the vessel to the airport, enriched by the profound connection between humans and this unique archipelago.

  • Safe journey home or to your next destination!

What's included: accommodations, onboard activities, breakfast (alcohol at traveler's expense), airport transfer

Post Extension

Extend Your Trip

What's better than exploring the captivating wonders of the Galapagos Islands? Extending your journey to discover even more remarkable destinations within reach. Enhance your adventure with optional post-trip extensions, allowing you to delve deeper into diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes nearby. Consider venturing to Peru to uncover the ancient mysteries of Machu Picchu, or explore the lush Amazon rainforest for an immersive wildlife experience. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Colombia, where historic cities and stunning landscapes await. With our tailored extensions, you can seamlessly continue your journey beyond the Galapagos.


We get it. You might be anxious about catamaran living. Let us nip that in the bud right now - this vessel features comfortable cabins with en-suite bathrooms, as well as many social areas aimed at your comfort and relaxation.

Eat & Drink

The onboard menus offer a diverse selection of delectable dishes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of Ecuador and international flavors.

All the Things

Here's an idea...instead of endlessly scrolling the web for experiences, we've actually done all of the work for you. This itinerary includes hiking to stunning viewpoints, snorkeling, panga rides, and more!

More Inclusive Pricing

That means essentials like accommodations, most meals, basic bevvies, some really cool experiences, ground transportation, and Wi-Fi are included.



Luxury Catamaran


Terms & Conditions


$7,415 (USD) per person


Total price includes the following:

  • April 30 - May 6, 2025 (7 days/6 nights).

  • 2 areas (Quito, Ecuador and select locations in the Galapagos Islands).

  • Accommodations at a local hotel in Quito, Ecuador on April 30 and an onboard cabin May 1 - May 6 (disembark the vessel on May 6).

  • One (1) shared room at each accommodation. Room assignment is assigned based on a first-come, first-served basis. All pricing is per person and based on double occupancy. More than 2 people per room is not permitted on this journey.

  • Ground transportation as detailed in the trip itinerary.

  • Beverages and meals identified in itinerary. All meals provided onboard along with coffee, soft drinks, water, and tea.

  • Onboard activities to include a variety of activities such as kayaking, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and guided hikes with certified naturalist guides. Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel and fins), kayaks, paddle boards.



Not included in the trip costs are international airfare, domestic airfare, meals on your own, alcohol unless noted, activities planned on your own, tips, and accommodations before April 30, 2025 and after May 6, 2025.


  • Price and availability not guaranteed until deposit is made. Price is in U.S. Dollars.

  • A $750 deposit per person is required to confirm a reservation at the time of booking.

  • A reservation is binding once deposit is made.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Payment Due Dates

    • Due Immediately - $750

    • September 30, 2024 - $3,000

    • January 31, 2025 - Remaining Balance Due

  • All pricing is per person and based on double occupancy. Solo travelers are welcome to book a room to themselves but must pay a single supplement based on room selection (Please email us at for information on single supplement options). Rooms with more than 2 people are not permitted on this journey.


  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing to

  • Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Please refer to the Guest Contract for details on cancellations, payments, refunds, and other terms & conditions which are incorporated into this and every tCE trip.

  • Please note, that changes made to overall party size may result in a change to the rate.

  • We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. A great resource for comparing options and purchasing insurance is

  • Cancellation Fees:

    • From Date of Deposit through September 30, 2024: $750 (Guest Deposit) per Guest.

    • October 1, 2024 - January 31, 2025: $3,750 (Guest Deposit + $3,000) per Guest.

    • After January 31, 2025: 100% of vacation price per Guest.



  • Our day-to-day itinerary may, from time to time and prior to departure, need to be altered or slightly modified to address possible unforeseen logistical and weather challenges. The vessel's itinerary is subject to
    change without previous notice; due to weather conditions or Galapagos National Park regulations.

  • All listed accommodations (hotels, villas, barges, etc.) are, at times, subject to changes. In such rare instances, similar or higher standards will be upheld.


Galapagos: An Extraordinary Exploration Interest

Please complete the below to register your interest for Galapagos: An Extraordinary Exploration (April 30 - May 6, 2025). Please note, by submitting this form, you are not guaranteed a booking/reservation. Our team will contact you shortly to review any available options for this extraordinary experience.

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